Ferry MV Kwale Stalls

I’m seeing on the news a ferry MV Kwale stalled and currents nearly pushed it to the open seas. On wednesday the 6th of may at around 7pm I was in that very ferry and it stalled for over an hour luckily it was still near the shore.
KFS is a big joke
Picha ni nyinyi

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I dont know why they cant construct those type of bridges that retract and give way to big ships.this idea of ferries is uneconomical.

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Yenyewe mambo ya ferry ni analogue

Tell that to the so called ‘dynamic duo’ kama watasikiza.

Kazi ya Joho ni? Politicking and pharmacist?


Common sense solutions are not welcome.We want to spend big money where kickbacks can flow in healthy amounts. Cable cars have been suggested at a cost of $41 million (KShs 3.6 billion).

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Malory zitafit kwa cable cars?

Only for people, the ferries continue carrying vehicles.

si wanunue ferry mpya, hizo ni mzee

I beg to differ. Many island nations operate ferries all around the world. It’s not always feasible to build bridges. Our problem is aged, poorly-maintained ferries.

there is a ferry between UK and France

We just need alternatives ndiyo ferry ikikwama shughuli ziendelee. What happened to the Dong Kundu bypass? That is/was a very important project linking Msa island and North Coast to South Coast.

There is also an under-sea road /railway crossing (The Channel Tunnel) on the same 26 Km. stretch of deep ocean. Hii yetu is a stone throw away and we can`t even build a bridge?Apparently the excuse given is that the bridge would have to start at GPO Mombasa just to get the correct projectile to allow the big ships of today and of the future to cross safely. Excuses,excuses,excuses…


Most likely somebody is not interested in having the problem solved.The crossing is only 500 meters with a depth of 15 meters. We just need one bold push and the problem is solved for good.

Angalia this old documentary(and many moreon youtube) uone enyewe wazungu wako mbele.
I have driven many times on this tunnel and it gets to you everytime uko katikati and you just think;i am driving under the ocean! Alafu inakuaga baridi extra and for someone claustophobic like me you just want to get to the other end and when you see daylight again you can`t help but be amazed at what human beings are capable of doing,.


Also saw, a layer ice forms on the road… Making the road extremely slippery… Thus accidents kila siku.