Ferry Made In Kenya

Shipyard Limited on Thursday, June 22, launched the Ksh2.4 billion MV Uhuru II Wagon Ferry to operate on Lake Victoria waters.

During the launch, the state agency shared photos of the magnificent ship constructed by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).


The 100-meter vessel was painted white and branded with Kenyan flag colours and bore its name, MV Uhuru, in bold letters.


Uhuru alikua na plan

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Constructed or assembled? I don’t think Kenya has the capacity to construct such from scratch (designing, testing, etc).


It was built from scratch. The hull and superstructure are entirely fabricated in the workshop. The standard designs, such as engines, and propellers are imported and fitted into the superstructure. Another company called waterbus in Kisumu is also fabricating catamaran ferries for short distances. The 8-4-4 system is a gold mine given practical equipment.


Kuna welder pale twitter alikua kati ya wasee walikua contracted kusaidia kumake hii kitu. From time ilikua inakua built, jamaa alikua anatweet very scary tweets about how unsafe this thing is. He is still sharing his fears…

I hope he is wrong because if he is not, we are staring at a disaster in waiting.

Yeah right!! One of the guys who was part of the team building this thing yesterday came to twitter to warn Kenyans about the awaiting dangers if they ever Board this crap. He/she ( can’t tell the gender) yesterday said that it was made using sub standard stuff & that the officers in charge cut corners.


Maybe they used low gauge square tube sourced from DEVKi. NIABM

Ruto anafanya kasi gaaki mogaka

Kama ni ruto mokisiii mojinga si ingeitwa JSKS MV 1?

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