Ferk Off Prophet Owuor Chieth. Hail the Real Prophet!

Some time back, early this year or late last year one of you posted this.

The real @jumabekavu, who can only be rivaled by your truly who predicted the percentages to the decimal point.


Mzee @FieldMarshal CouchP you should snoring saa hii

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8.1 MB is enough wanking material for one session huko kwa Captain Frisk.


by the way hii kitu imekuwa ikizurura facebook for a long time . hata hapa there is someone who posted it . delete the thread before "hii tuliona batallion " comes

Ngombe muzee kufa uwache kutusumbua . Jinga


Hello old goon. The more things change the more they remain the same.

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Ngombe kadinyi

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Kuklick siwes :smiley:

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And enough kienyeji ya kusafisha cornea pale kwa Uncle Uwesmakende.

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Why are you hating on your age mate? Coz he can lie better than you ?

Apana tambua rhino za uwesmakei.

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