Talkers. Anyone who has been involved in fencing a shamba lately. I need to know how much is a roll of barbed wire, chain link price and length per roll, the best poles to use and their prices.
Kuna kiwanja nataka kufence Naivasha isipite na private developer.

kwa hiyo project ongeza ka eight by eight ka mabati na choo ya simo halafu umpe jamaa fulani akaage huko…


Are there any plots remaining overlooking the lake? Acre plus? Na ni mbeca gafi?

Pia mi ningependa kujua. Fencing ya 100x100 using wooden posts and barbed wire ni ngapi? Materials plus labour

@Muchatha.used to be useful on this issues in Klist. is he in this village? ???

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What’s so hard about walking into a hardware shop and they are all over up to the estates and do your inquiries?

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It depends on the size land and the quality of materials. a normal treated pole is ksh 200, pencil cedar pole is ksh 350. Barbed wire is about ksh 5500, there are cheaper ones but sometimes are shorter by about 10m. other expenses include sand, ballast, cement, water, nails and labour

Barbed wire is like 330m long. Chainlink roll ni 30m. Misumari kilo moja ni 100. Cement ni 700 per bag. Mchanga okota kwa lake. Ballast okota roadside. Maji punda moja ni 200. Labour ni 350 per day per person.

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Hardware zimejaa pipeline na unatusumbua hapa

You first have to get a permit from your local authority to fence the area…standard rates are about shs 500 per metre. Confirm from you county govt planning offices. Regarding the labour costs, I’d advise you to seek someone who’ll charge you per metre basis, as opposed to per day basis. One skilled labourer and an unskilled labourer should be sufficient. The best poles to use are concrete poles (A standard pre-fab pole of hardcore, cement and riversand). Thickness depends on the span between each pole

Hii saa ya ktalk iko sawa kweli @ mods.

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Wacha niite wakameat asikie hii maneno.

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