Feminists and their self defeatist attitude

Yaani the bitterness has to come out even when they’re championing a noble cause :D:D:D
I also think it’s fair for school going girls (strictly primary and secondary) to have access to free sanitary pads, but why demand the end of free condoms? The foolish feminazi who came up with this statement forgets that there are both male and female condoms. She also forgets that free condoms ultimately save more women than men. They have more to lose from unwanted pregnancies (backstreet abortions for example) and some nasty-ass STDs (like chlamydia and gonorrhea) that can even cause infertility. Treating such preventable diseases places a strain on the healthcare system, which diverts funds that could have been put to better use, such as improving maternal healthcare.

Most men are perfectly okay with dry fry manenoz. Why can’t we have both free condoms and sanitary pads though? For a feminist to be happy, they not only have to get what they’re demanding, but also take away something that allegedly benefits men. That logic is astounding in its stupidity.

The third wave feminism movement is a joke

She tells us “menstruation is not a choice”. Like condoms, sanitary pads in their current form are a fairly recent invention. If the situation was as dire as they make it sound, we would have historical accounts of millions of women dying from menstruation. Ghaseer sana hii watu.

Hii lugha ndo inafanya wachukiwe mbaya sana. Kila kitu lazma iwe tu ni demands. And they have women rep in every county whose salary for a single month is enough to distribute sanitary pads for a whole region for a serious amount of time

Third wave feminism is a blessing in disguise. It de-legitimized the movement and made men to wake up and fight back and stop giving a damn.

Before that, all men were docile and they gladly embraced everything to do with girl child nonesense. Saaa hii there is push back and resistance na hatujali hata tuitwe misogynists ama chauvinists

Hii ndio white karen feminism modern day African women wanafuata. These feminists are just a bunch of misandrist, a word you will never hear being pronounced by mainstream media.

By making them loud, they made them obvious.

No matter the amount of hen pecked nigs paraded before us on social media, there are plenty of cold mofo’s out here

Very true. Even the genuine women are now demanding for the society to take care of the boy child in the same breath as the girls.

It is important when advocating for issues to choose slogans carefully so that you do not alienate donors, supporters or decision makers who support a continuum of programmes under reproductive health. In project planning you are required to identify supporters and those who will oppose and not set out to deliberately antagonise. The language is antagonistic and myopic.

Unfortunately, the attitude that they are trying to drill into any woman that listens to them is that being bitchy is a good thing. Being brash and unapologetic is being woke. Such approaches are what are slowly alienating decision-makers. It does not work that way