Feminist have ran over radio, they are now moving to TV

There’s too much feminist content, from news to dedicated programs that promotes feminist leaning agenda… Victoria, kobia, Mombasa raha mungai etc

The radio was run over years ago by non other than kageni and his minions.

I pity the boy child. He has been neglected for long.

Listened to maina kageni this morning ooooooh he totally poisoned married women !

besides lamenting now and then what steps have you taken to atleast help improve the boy child. Have you atleast tried speaking to one boy in your estate or in your family? Hii kelele mingi with no real/tangible solution haiwezi tupeleka pahali

Listening to MK is like (for the married only)>>a fish asking a bird how to dive in deep sea.

Totally clueless,inexperienced n unknowledgeable(for lack of a better word

Define a feminist,
Victoria is hardly a feminist, her show is not just about or for just women,
Kobia? You mean Kobi? Her show isn’t about women either. I am not sure about her personal ideals but I could hardly classify her as feminist
Gertrude Mungai? Really? Her show is about sex, last I checked both men and women enjoy sex,
What is feminist about these women? Being female?

Kuna tofauti ya kuwa feminist na show kuhostiwa na dame.

When you find yourself overwhelmed then reconsider your position. The surest way to win is not playing.

UPUS, you’re either with us or with them Kijanamtall. Boychild tunapewa tackles left and right kila siku. I blame the generation of men between 1975-87. I will never tolerate feminism chieth

Feminism is killing relationships. Good example huku nipo, watu hawataki kuoa hawa wanawake… look up MGTOW channels. Men have decided wawaache na hiyo feminism yao… now they are crying there are no good men to marry. While their men are now looking East to marry women who still value the role of men in a society. Sadly Kenya copies everything America does so pretty soon Kenyan women if not yet will begin crying there are no good men to marry while sisi huko tunatafuta ma bibi Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania ata naskia mpaka Nigeria


:smiley: Sawa basi, let us let all shows be hosted by men.

I don’t think it’s a very manly job to begin with juu almost all task involve aspects of udaku, especially with politics and lifestyle, which is what 90% of these shows are, including news.

Kenyan women are already in that utopia. Single mothers everywhere.

I don’t listen to or watch garbage anymore. The internet has created so many possibilities.

Recall the white professor in asia who while being interviewed on tv his kid sneaked into the room and an asian lady came to take the kid while crawling to.avoid distracting the interview. Everybody who commented said she was a mboch and others deriding her ati she has lost her job kumbe she was the wife.

Who helps ‘make’ these single Mothers. Certainly not by divine conception, is it now?

Kenyan men kazi ni kulia tuu.Oh! Boy child is being opressed by Girl Child. Oh! Women have taken mens jobs,now there no jobs for men.Oh!Men don’t want housewives who can’t even buy salt! Men don’t want corporate women. Sasa munatakaje? Whichever way you look at what this red pill generation complaint are, its just making excuses for being failures and jokers! Oh! Im failure bcz of this feminism Oh! Am single at 60 bcz women have bcm feminists. Am a dead beat dad bcz my baby mommas are not submissive! Hizi ni zile cases unachia Yesu. There’s no even point of trying to understand or argue with this people. With allll the countless advantages male privilege affords men, me I just can’t understand what theyre always whining about! But men are men theyre greedy and selfish, especially this red pill generation. No advantage will ever be enuff until theyve milked the very last drop out of women. So its like the war between Arabs and Israel. Israel occupies like 1% of the Arab peninsula but even that 1% the Arabs will cry victim, oh we are being victimized.Oh! Theyve built a wall.That time the Arabs are the ones sending suicide bombers and who want to wipe out the Jewish nation.So when Israel protects itself, the Arabs go to media with dead kids, tht these Jews are killing our kids,but you don’t say those kids are Jihadists who will gladly suicide bomb Jews. So let them continue crying wolf,crying feminism,meanwhile sisi twasonga mbele. Hizo ni kelele za chura. My philosophy is this about anyone who claims to be a victim of one thing or the other one. People feel many things for victims but respect is not one of them. Humans are created with innate internal resources to subdue their environment no matter how hostile. So I don’t listen to these mamas boy complaints of being victimized! Niko na shida zangu kwa nini niskize zako. If me as a woman I can have it all in a man’s world,what the hell excuse do you as a man have? Stop using feminism as a clutch! Stop complaining! If Kenyan women are no gud get one from Timbuktu and get on with it.Stop whining. Get to work. Suceed.Period!

the sex is good but the commitment is vvv bad.

Doesn’t the fifth wave of feminism encourage single motherhood?


Fuck off!