feminism on steroids


Hehehe hii mambo ya kuoa inaelekea kua ngumu sasa


i hope that sh** is false …jesus christ

It’s a known fact that women were the cause of all the miseries WE men go through…and am not complaining.

Niaje chokosh wa Kisauni?

most men especially in the western world prefer to remain unmarried and enjoy hoes because of this madness

My favorite tv show

What is the name of this show?


The wire

It’s my all time favorite series too. I’ve re-watched the whole series like 6 times.

A married man is the most endangered species in the US and UK. This dude was obviously baited by a malicious bitch and sadly, he fell head first into that trap.


A woman brought me into this world, and a woman will take me out of it - Jesse B Semple

The husband is still the winner. He nutted. Hii mambo ingine ni siasa

Corrupt Judiciary. Maraga wa huko must go!

The risks are just too many. shida ni ati wanakuja Kenya to try their luck only to land in the hands of Njoki na inakua mwosho mmoja.

@spear alisema wengi wanacheza chini juu Matiang’i anawadeport sana.

alar,wewe bado kula mahindi ? jangili sugu ya bendora:D:D:D:D:D:D

no wonder amejaa na pimples :D:D:D:D