Feminazi lying through her teeth


Hii kunguru is he uongo. Those hoodrats claim left also come back annually to dump another weird looking baby and then go back to the whoring ways.


Enough talk, let Darwin reign supreme

These cycles are everywhere, 1st generation works very hard to provide for the kids, sacrificing almost everything, 2nd generation, becomes very resilient and successful, 3rd generation turns out to be a lost cause.

Not a lie. The story is too familiar

But what you are describing applies to developed countries. In Kenya the 1st generation planted the seeds of poverty and unemployment the second one watered it and now we are experiencing the fruits of it.
Kenya has always been on a slippery slope to the bottom of the barrel.
I fear for the current generation that is in highschool and colleges, these ppl wataona shida mob sana if you factor in that we are currently in an economic recession.

She conveniently forgot to mention the millions of online and offline pussy vendors.

His is true, and it’s not only in the town’s. Every small town in shags is inhabited by men who look like they no longer go home even to shower. In my shags I have noticed that women look healthier, happier and generally wealthier after their husbands die. It’s very sad.

Ametaja Karen nikakumbuka bozo fulani kijana ya mkubwa kazi ilikuwa pombe na other unmentionables. That is until Darwin caught up. Aliachia maboys mali safi ya kutoka nje.

Huyo kijana tunajua ni nani.

wacha parables leta full story

Mwarimu umekula chumvi sana na umeona mengi. I believe you.

Tafuta huko Kayole. punju!

Taja jina

Tunajua ni Fidel

punguza kuuza mkundu takataka hii

What that lady has failed to state is that 90% of ladies earn their stuff through manipulating men. In fact, behind every successful woman there’s a man. It’s easy to find a self made man, but extremely hard to find a single self made woman. All their wealth were begotten through a man. That’s why I really hate simps

And the single mothers who had their bastards educated by the grand parents.

I went to South C and B and noticed that’s the trend. The assholes look rich and loves kujaa kwa gari ya mmoja wao (mostly a Mark X) and chew mogoka and drink alcohol.

Kitu iko poa hio maeneo ni warembo. Pretty poosey all over but definitely mileage iko juu.

Huyo kijana ako hapa hapa kwa kijiji.

Nenda ukatombe wanafunzi na huko na io ujuaji yako