female solipsism

Solipsism is the practice of perceiving things from your own viewpoint, and assuming everyone else views things through your own lens.

Although both men and women are prone to psychological projection, solipsism is usually a weakness of the female gender.

EXAMPLE: After a woman gives birth, her maternal instincts kick in and a deep bond develops between the woman and her child.

Since the woman feels great attachment to her child, she assumes that men would also do the same. I mean, the baby is so cute, which man wouldn’t want that?

This is the reason women include pictures of their babies in their dating profiles. They just cannot conceive of a world where a man would not want to provide for that tiny cute baby. Women only view the world through their own lens. They’re incapable of abstract thinking.

She likes her cute baby. Therefore she thinks a potential suitor would be lucky to have such a ready-made family. They just cannot comprehend that men are REPULSED by the idea of raising other men’s children.

The vice verse becames disastrous, i.e, women will kill their offspring(s) tto be marketable again.

ati solipsism?
hii lazima ulipitia taabu ukakuwa philosopher

Jaba wisdom detected.

The same way us men tend to think that women care about our struggles, our goals or what we’ve achieved. The truth is they want to see the results. Hawatambui process.

Men have been manipulated by the female gender and thought if they will be emotional and honest of what they feel then it will bond the relationship, they are ridiculed and discarded because to women its only cute if they are the one to cry.Never be open emotionally to any woman including your mother.

In the words of Richard Cooper, women don’t care about your struggles, they hang around at the finish line and pick the winners.

Both man and woman see each other as very complicated creatures but the truth is, we are almost the same.

It’s why women ukiwauliza why a man should settle with them they say “I make money, I’m independent”. Because they like rich independent men, they assume that now they’ll be hotcake even when they’re making money with onlyfans. You never hear a woman saying “I give men peace of mind” or “I give men sex space and silence” as a reason to be taken even though that’s basically what most men look for because they just think from their own lens

Kuna madam her husband is cheating on her Sasa mumama aliniambia hata aki cheat huyo ni mshamba…Mimi Niko job, nmesoma and am beautiful. Nkamchocha kweli kabisa. But Mimi kama mujamaa I know we care less about what a woman has achieved, we care less about everything about her na nyaus ndio muhimu, muhimu only when when we want it

Chief, unaweza nirushia number ya huyo madam?

She’s from south Sudan na unajua tu their culture especially venye amelipiwa mahari