Female Sex Pill

Earlier this month, an FDA advisory committee voted to recommend the approval of flibanserin, Sprout Pharmaceutical’s drug for women with persistently low sexual desire. The drug has a number of vocal critics, who believe that its side effects, relative to its modest effect, could be harmful for women.

Although many news stories about flibanserin have described it as “female Viagra,” the drug actually works on the brain, not the body. Viagra (and drugs like it) improves blood flow in the penis but does not affect how a man feels desire. In contrast, flibanserin does not act on clitoral or vaginal tissues, but instead changes the activity of sexual circuits in the brain to increase a woman’s desire for sex. But this shift doesn’t happen for every woman who takes the drug, and some women report increased rates of fatigue, dizziness, and lowered blood pressure when they take it.

From : http://throb.gizmodo.com/for-some-women-benefits-of-female-sex-pill-may-outwe-1711387797
and http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkroll/2015/06/14/the-true-significance-of-flibanserins-modest-boost-to-female-sexual-desire/

So @Purr_27, @Unicorn and @Female Perspective , hii mambo ya “i have a headache” or " im just not feeling it" imeisha!

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I’m fatigued, I feel dizzy. I think my BP is low. That’s the new story;)


Thought women naturally have a higher sexual drive than men til they reach 60. :eek:

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It will be time to invest in those portable machines that measure BP…ha!!

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Apparently the drug was supposed to be an anti-depressant but after trial group reported increased levels of horniness, female viagra was born. LOL

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