Female president

Are we as a country ready to elect and be led by a female president?

Provided their priorities are for the people I could care less if she’s as stern as Professor McGonagol

akitusafisha mesho nitavote

what have female leaders accomplished other than sleeping around mpaka wanafkuzwa from hotels …


Kwani Ouru husafisha macho?

i have always rooted for the lioness from gishugu

The dark fierce one or the entitled light one?

Ati lioness!:D:D

Labda Iguana ama Salamander ama Komodo Draggon

both are entitled.

Wewe ni @Mwendawazimu

Depends on your source of information

They are women.

ALL women are entitled.

kwa nyumba yako uko ready kuongozwa na mwanamke? having women in top leadership positions shown a broken society, a failed society. failed men

This gospel again… Smh

Definitely the dark one. She can make a very able benevolent dictator.

we are not yet ready for a woman president…we still need dictator in this country

the dark, fierce and intelligent one


well germany is a failed state then…UK definitely was a failed society between 1979 to 1990…

Anything to change the current leadership…if it will be a woman then let it be…

:D:D…wacha kutusi governor…si yeye naongelelea…