Female perspective.

You always portraying a “who the hell,devil may care” attitude here.
Why were you not up to this simple rquest by @Web Dev ?
@Female Perspective can you post a photo of your swankiest panties for this wankstars to project from. Include your hand written handle for the viewing pleasure.

This jus reminded me siku za klost one Shiku K wrote a handwritten letter and posted it on Klost…si that chic had one sexy handwriting

Ama hata boxers for the faggots.

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Female p knows WEBDEV is gay that’s why she didn’t honour the request


Or even the thighs


I have said time and again that the handle @Female Perspective and @grace msalame are suspicious,i have yet to come across a lady who like porn as a hobby or likes to be associated with pornstars and sexual immorality.These two are either in the sex industry or another category yet to find a defination.

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the tribe is unsettled, bring forth the evidence

Uncle monk tupee section ya kienyeji

Where is she, ama she’s still savouring a “long and thick one” as she likes describing them?

I think both are female handles

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I don’t think so, many women are very sensitive about their panties, out of your list, only a hooker would agree and you would still have to pay for it.

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I think they r women but PURR is a beautiful woman

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Alafu hako kadame kalivanish …we even used to chat on FB

I did you a better one…posted mi thighs! I’ll post panties if that calms your camel toe

Cameltoe WEBDEV ndio ako nayo

Camel toe. :eek::eek::eek::eek:
But come to think of it, yours would be a welcome addition taken with the panties.

You must be a weird one to see a camel toe on a tree holder.

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Wanking taken to another level, hand-writing wanker detected

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She did. For some few brief seconds.And I can certainly vouch for her. Sex= Female, Gender=Not sure.

Weka hiyo picha tukague