Female Lawyer Killed by Nigerian Lover


Kunguru hafungiki…She was sort of engaged to a Kenyan guy in 2013.


Baadaye dem akaona aweke Nigerian guy kwa nyumba yake Syokimau.
The Jowie type of men, wale wa kulipiwa rent na kupatiwa pocket money na dem.

Alafu utawapata gym wakiinua chuma the whole day.
In fact, the Nigerian was a gym instructor at Smart Gym Kenya.

These naija men are scum of the earth. Any female who falls for their charm will rue the day they were born.

90% of lawyers are meffi
100% of Nigerians are drug dealers/scammers
Heneway, I hear our oga brodas are quite romantic so maybe she overdosed on love.

My elder sis was at one time dating an oga. Nilizusha Sana and involved our old man. Luckily she listened.
Most of our lawyers are bimbos and slay kings tu. In this information highway lazima you do a background check. This applies to long-term engagement be love or business.
Kenya Law Reports comes in handy.
A brief search shows the guys is fugitive and left a chick on the brink of death huko Mzanzi

The lawyer was most likely aware of his crimino background. It’s not unheard of for them to have romantic entanglements with criminals because they regularly represent and associate with them. Maybe it’s caused by an adrenaline rush or the irresistible pull of “bad boys” (or femme fatales in the case of men). If you don’t like “boring” relationships then you must prepare for the risk that comes with “intensity and spontaneity.”

2021 iendelee hivyo hivyo. Hii ime amua kunyorosha slay Kwin,wanasiasa na polisi wakora.

May her soul rest in piece