Female AP disarms Drunk colleague

This officer deserves official recognition from the IG.
Chief Inspector Penninah Kamicha disarms a drunk officer after threatening to shoot Jua Kali mechanics at a garage on Oginga Odinga Street Nakuru



Unga amemwagika.

Replace with “SHOOT”


That fucker should just be fired. Was he threatening to shoot them juu wamekata kutoa bribe?

Pole kwake…tht a grudge

sawa mrembo, (askari wa kisungu)

Grudge na nani? Mtu wa jua kali? That cop is a moron.

But I see a male colleague assisting her so she can’t take all the credit alone.

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cheap brews are bad

Your mansplanaining was all I needed to understand those pics. Thanks bruh!


hii ni mpya

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are you implying nimemwagia mtu unga, The cop is an idiot and he had no business drinking while on duty.
he has no one to blame but himself.

he has no business putting on that uniform in the first place.

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Being drunk while on duty is grounds for summary dismissal.


She did the dirty job of course

Good thing she took out the mag’ … before trying to wrestle the gun from that drunk AP. You wouldn’t want that G3 discharging on you.


Wueh…they go drink pesa inaisha anawaambia narudi ssaa hii…kwa hao uniform + Gun then you are the next victim bribe ukikaa ngumu gun ina cockiwa!
Schupid fuuul huyo, na wako wengi!

No. I mean he has just poured his Unga.I hope the colleagues do not cover up for him.

Imagine a 12 year old being shot in the head with the same

And I hope hakua na one in the chamber. Kudos to the officers