Felician Kabuga

Back in the day I used to regularly visit this fine ass woman at care guest house it was a good time.We once had an orgy somewhere, one evening after everyone has cum and we’re taking a break we decided to watch a bit or t.v.The Kabuga story came and one of the ladies old us that Kabuga was a regular client.So if you were a regular at care guest house back in the day, umesalimiana na kabuga.

:D:D:D shait. Being tunnel brothers with a genocide mastermind sio mchezo.

Aki I feel guilty bro

Wow. At 75 years old? Where did he get energy? Because he is 85 years old today.

He used enhansments kamagra and the likes

To imagine kupata soul tie na msee kama huyo…


Dead people can even haunt you.

I really doubt whether a billionaire can visit a brothel like careguest house

He had agents who would search for him he was well guarded according to the lanye

This word…

Those are the places he would not normally be found out. Just the same way Osama Bin Laden was just a regular guy until the americans squeezed his search. Fazul was arrested by patrol police in Kenya twice.


You might turn into a serial killer any day

Hehehe, watu mna vichekesho

Hehehe…wewe ulisalimiana na muzee fulani wa Isiolo who’s Kabuga lookalike. Stage ya Isiolo sio mbali na Careguest house pale Nai


Hata mimi nataka orgy someone get me three ladies, one guy and a lot of baby oil and drugs and we’re good to

He should have known. History is replete with examples of genocide master minds being cauget even 50 years after the act.

where is this brothel exactly will i find some nice luyha, kamba and gikuyu’s there? and you’re allowed to smoke there if so do you have to buy weed from them or you can bring your own? i must visit post quarantine