Feeling blessed

Just came back from church at Winners chapel Nairobi and am feeling so blessed. How about you?


Hope uliombea kijiji!

where are the kenyan pastors???

How does one feel that he’s blessed?

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“COVENANT DAY OF TURNAROUND FAVOURS” , prosperity gospel nothing meaningful, i’m wondering how and why you’re feeling blessed, probably because your ears have just been tickled.

Is that feeling same as the one i get after having sex?

Coz I’ve just felt it :cool: :cool:

Ask Big Sean and Drake

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sio exorsim ni exorcism,na si ungeingia huko wakutoe hio mashetani yako

Hehe, I guess @Twangapepeta amepanda mbegu na akatoa tithe then ametembea mpaka home believing blessings zake zimeland. Pastor naye amejenga kitambi hapo