Feed lot beef farming & fattening

Wadau, am planning to start beef farming basically through the feedlot. Plan is buying underweight cattle, fattening for a few months then selling for a profit. I have my old mans 10acre farm with lots of water. Need some advice as I plan to start in 2022.


Visit fattening enterprises in Kajiado… They have been doing that for a long time especially with Sahiwal breed

Thanks, might you have contact details? Saidia

Ten acre land wewe ni birionaire wa kijiji


One may also use YouTube links to learn many things on Feedlot Cattle Rearing (za Kenya kama vile Ol Pajeta Ranch, na zinginezo…)

Bulls are fattened for 90 days before slaughter. They can gain more than 50kgs in that period. Basically high energy and high protein feeds and restricted movement to preserve energy

Uliza local herdsboy @Gaza

Sisi hapa Laikipia tuko na hundreds of acres

Kuna trailer za wa Pokot zilikuwa zinapitanga ma towns huku wesdan…last participated like 7 years ago.

  1. Get a good vet to accompany you for the purchase…he will give you valuable advice that sitaweka hapa ni too much cow technicalities …sawa.
  2. Unaona 10acres ni shamba soh…yes it is for other stuff…but na ngombe zina appetite 10acres is jack…unless una doh mwenda…make sure una extra supply ya feeds lets say kupanda maize and nappier kwa majirani kuku supplement…utafika mahali utawacha zi graze…margins za ngombe pia hu fluctuate ama ka pandemic ka hit it dents your cashflows.
  3. Too much nitrogen in cow excrement…si unajua…make sure una disposal system poa usiharibu fish ponds boreholes and whatever natural water bodies unazo kwa boma plus the soil itself…ya kesho hujui.
    Anyway mi huwacha zi graze i used those bulls to breed with mine ku improve my stock…good luck…BUT CONSULT A SERIOUS VET.
    Good luck.

Heshimu Pokot nanii…

Tena sana.
Walitujenga ndume za nguvu at the same time waka avoid losses from prolonged dry spells that would have ravagef their stock.

Atatoa ngapi for Consulting.

Nigawie acre mbili nipande bangi alafu nitakuwa nakuchota za macho

Where is your father’s farm located? If it is in the right county, I might have some life changing news for you.

Safi, still doing that - first hand info and experience is key

Valuable info, sande sana

Iko side za ukambani place inaitwa yatta, just after kithimani

I was hoping ni any of the arid counties. USAID has been funding feedlots in the arid counties up to 70 %. Considering you are providing your own land. They’d probably have funded you 100 % except running capital.
Anyway, you can always go to westlands and talk to ACDI VOCA and see how they can help you. They channel USAID funds to farmers. I know they had a program for Ukambani but I’m not sure if it is still ongoing.