Feature request

For seniors please allow us to deactivate comments or ban particular members from commenting.They kill a healthy discussion sometimes.

Web dev site yako ,nugu hii

huo ujinga wa kudelete comments mpeleke fakebook

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yeah… listing owner akue na powers za kudelete comments…

ama isitolewe tuu… kunabamba ikiwa area… itatolewa baadae

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Kindly use the report button on a post. There are guys that do that n we take down the derailing comments

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@deoro take down those dimwits up there, see how hollow their skulls are.see how wamekojolea my thread

Dude, it’s not your thread. The moment you hit Post, wewe kwisha!

@ati kila mtu akuwe moderator wa post yake???

That should be reserved for village elders.

And @Deorro, nyumba ya wazee iko full. Don’t promote anyone else for now.

Wewe @ aviator ulitupa kwa hii site then you start posting such comments. Watu wanashida…

What have I done this time?

egocentrism nayo

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Nimeshindwa kwani ni PAC members wa Namwamba.