is being spread over the social media.

Apparently I hear in Salgaa motorists are being stopped randomly and asked to reveal their political leanings.

No aploading of pics coz of the sensitivity of the matter.

[SIZE=1]Exercise Caution[/SIZE]

then i would just lie to satisfy whoever. kwani i have a sticker showing who i support?

This country needs prayers aki… Instead of people being positive they are coming up with different conspiracy theories,… Demonstrating… Causing unrest and who knows what they are planning kesho as we await the announcement…
Some shallow peeps are assuming your political stand using your skin color (light, brown skinned - kyuk therefore jubilee supporter… Haiyaa nyinyi watu nyeusi mtajijazia haha) anyway it’s such a pity…

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That’s a blatant lie. Police are currently patrolling that section.


Sister haitakufanyikia,nanaomba yenye huyo hapo juu amesema iwe ni uwongo…hatutaki haya mambo bwana.lala unono

Sandalwood lorry moja hivi inaeza ingiza pesa ngapi?

Rumors all over

former mp amriS aliacha kuiba msandali?

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Kenya is a failed state

Sitaki upussy.