To most men the definition of sex is simple! Two words, Penetration & warmth! This is not enough for a woman to reach the big O…So you’re tired and you probably don’t have the energy to fuck but you need to release that pressure…What to do? You opt for some slow,boring sex, you climax and leave your woman hanging.

This is why your wife/girlfriend will probably claim she has a headache just to avoid the floppy sex!

Pull up your socks gentlemen! Rough and Kinky sex will make your woman cum buckets! Pull her hair, grab those boobs, rough her up like never before! Get her to love sex!!


hata wewe unakaa clueless

where’s my blowjob woman???

Hizo ni rumours!

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anika kuma yako hapa,shemale wewe

cum buckets. …oh mehn…m new here

I’ll blow you like a porn star! How’s Friday?


Too much of shades of gray. Mimi sina time ya kuguza boobs, ky imebore sasa saliva.

Will you lick my clit or suck my dick?

Gurl, you outchea doin’ the MOST!

This is the 21st century and we are supposed to be “equal”.
You put me in the mood!.. You Fuck ME!
If you are not sucking my balls while stroking my manhood (on your knees) then you are not even trying!


suck my dragon balls call me Goku


hii post imeniletea balaa

ingoe with no apology

:D:D:D…Welcome to Sodom & Gomorrah online village.


Nunua cucumber…ni hayo tu!

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#Female Perspective…you are a fuckin turn on…me like my women on top, cowgirl and reverse cow girl etc, while i lay back and relax while you pounding till you fuckin exhausted…then i turn you around and hump you like a titillated dog…dare me

@ female perspective… U should take 10 seconds to cum instead of taking like forever breathing and moaning like a pregnant cow when i have to sleep and snore my lungs out.

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Female Perspective ni nyoka plastiki tu. Wacha kutuzengua.

How can I ride a floppy dick that keeps sliding out of my pussy? I can stroke and ride alright… but get my game on!