FB account: Shocked by friend requests

My account is eleven years old but a gargantuan amount of requests have flooded it in the past few days.

Huyo Mary Kamau anakaa feisty sana

I am shocked. Ni kama huko nje kuna dry spell mbaya

why are you gay?

Maze ni kubaya ukiona unasalimia slay quin na hata hating, kidogo tu mmeanza kusuguana

chifu wamejua uko na kakitu mzee , RUN

I am already accelerating

I only accept friends from people i know personally.

I thought you complained about this shit in another thread? …Now you have created a thread for your complaint? Genius.

Algorithms zimekumulika, you have been suggested to multiple people, ata kama mlipitana tao, ama mlikunywa soda kwa kibanda moja.

Shifo you put up a thread on this jana…methinks you are really loving this attention. :D:D:DNgonja tuu you drop guard…

Ni juu ya hii tabia yako ya kupea strangers likes. Now they want to like you back.

Ukipendwa pendeka.

Utachunishwo sukuma my friend…

Na wote ni shiny eyes tu



That Rose Nyaga has extremely clean eyes. What has she been watching?


You probably registered an account somewhere using Facebook and it must be a recent occurrence.