This is a guy I respect so much, he is among the few who see the bigger picture. He is always at the forefront thwarting plans to destabilize Pres.Uhuru’s Govt…especially from George Soros etc.
Just forget his “forged” college degree saga, this guy has a bright future, a Uhuru loyalist who has done more for Pres.Uhuru than most of his inner circle.

Congrats Fazul! Keep up the good job.

umeambiwa na @Deorro hapo chini kila kitu iwekwe kategori yake , hizi ndio posts manki yafaa angowe si kusumbua mathighs

Sorry, I didn’t get the memo…

kwa watu wa rink ndo hio https://www.tuko.co.ke/257004-government-de-registers-organisations-dismissed-uhurus-win-repeat-election.html

This is the reason we don’t have nice things in this country.

Time to get rid of these ‘evil’ society orgs

forces of instability

Hii nI Ujinga ya kimataifa. So because he supports UK his forging documents to secure a job should be excused? The moffo should be in jail!

I thought so too, impunity is evil… suppression of the freedom of speech is an equal evil

Fazul is a shit piece and a stain on Jubilee. He needs to go. In fact, everything he does can be challenged in court.
I don’t know why no one has challenged his decisions.
OP here just made a dumb statement not knowing that it has consequences.

because most of them are right…and you couldn’t tell if you only listened to the rants of gladwell otieno and khelef. why do you think they are not as quick to post their replies on social media?

Wacha Siasa leta maua kwa afrojiri sacco.

good morning…done.

But he’s a fraud. Anyone can challenge his decisions in court based on his illegal occupation of office.

Are you now deflecting attention from the illegality of the ileal NGOs’ activities. You also forget his actions are not personal but decisions of the BOARD. However, I find whenever the NGOs are asked to account they resort to pointing out his alleged lack of papers.

One illegality doesn’t negate another.

Why dont you challenge?

Hehehehe I wish I could but I don’t want the resultant publicity that comes with it :slight_smile:
I would assume those affected by his actions would stand up.