favorite button

@admin sinze si utuwekee hii option ya ku.favorite listngs ndio atleast mtu a save some info if needed.

then add column ya kushare pictures kwa conversation

Ile siku kitu kwa hii site itabadilishwa ndio siku @Zarina atakuwa vajo

Labda software ni proprietary na owners dont know what to do. Labda they arent techies na site bado haina traffic vile unaweza hire a nyga who knows his way around for mentainance… admin wont tell you that if its true.

iko tu sawa, ni suggestion…wacha tuskie what he will say…

No need to be negative.this was raised earlier and im working on it.you’ll have it soon.so please bear with me.


Would like to be a senior villager, how do I become one?