Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day to all the Father’s out there, and all Mom’s playing a Father’s role



Happy Father’s day to you too!!

Happy father’s day to you too.

Happy F.D .

Hehehehe. How long would it have taken you to write ‘fathers day’ out in full?

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My dad called and I was in the bathroom taking a shower, I tried calling back and he was mteja. Arrrgh, how could that happen on such a day ??

go and see him. how i wish i could see mine.

Am more than 300Kms from where he is, will keep trying to reach him though.

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Happy father’s day


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To all fathers who know this, thats why you are great fathers.

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The society lacks good fathers.

pleas explain your statement

Lazy maafaka

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Fatherhood is not about siring children as most people think.this single mothers epidemic we are facing is as a result of having men but not fathers.fathers take responsibility…few are willing to take responsibility.

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