So am keenly listening to mahubiri (btw am a Catholic) but the consistency of vibration of my phone is gradually drifting my attention. Tym ya sadaka inafika, napanga laini.As we approach sanduku ya sadaka, Boyz ako mbele yangu dips his fingers kwa mfuko ya nyuma ya jeans kutoa doo, unfortunately condoms falls off from his pocket. Watoi wanakimbilia wakithani ni juice kola.anyway after making my contribution I excuse myself to see who has been calling.only to realize its a single mother I f*uckd a week ago. So I call back and my call is picked up but all I can hear is babbling sound from a kid. Then all of a sudden I hear her voice from the background "Salimia baba, Mwambie happy Father’s Day " and am like fuck, don’t even know how that kid looks like…Elders staki mtego.

:DAmeona a good Daddy material. Beta bata.

daddy ni baba Mtoto

Archbishop ndingi mwanawanzeki hated this rubber things with a passion

yeah, it’s recently that I came to learn catholics aren’t supposed to practice family planning

So nvchieth story ni

condoms kuanguka ,
Jussi Cola ,
Techno vibration,
fathers day
Ama kutegwa ?

Nyinyi wote mko kwa hiyo boat mboss wenyu ana-admit to…

Happy Father’s day.

Mothers kindly enjoy today with our daddys
This video will help you out



which area of nairobi do live where kids just jump over fallen stuff…is it kenya even? And just to let you know you are shit in the brotherhood fraternity ,why you not save face of brother when condoms fell? that was unacceptable

My friend the damage had already been done, they fell a meter from where I was. couldn’t have done anything significant to salvage the situation from the glaring congregation