Father Bosco

This is the Priest who two weeks ago asked Uhuru to stop Luo killings and work on the unity of this country.

I am seeing photos on social media that he has been found murdered and his vehicle burned to ashes.[ATTACH=full]134230[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]134231[/ATTACH]

:eek::eek::eek: so Uhuru killed him because He asked tHat the killings be stopped?
May he rest in peace and may his killers be brought to book

Is that the body burned to ashes? Plus wat u sayin? His stand got em killed?.. If this were that simple baba and the rest against uhuru wangekuwa ashes… Think

Vehicle burned to ashes, kondoo hii.


People are in denial here… You don’t murder yourself and burn your vehicle.

Who’s the beneficiary in this? And what is their benefit?

He was clearly assassinated and earlier he had had a premonition about it… Damn this government. Dropping bodies everywhere na hata Shah has not been led to rest yet

@Mrs4thletter mukiendelea hivi mutauwa wajaluo wote banaaa

‘Benefit’ is to instill fear and silence critics

shida ya kenya we politicize everything. if the all people who have abused uhuru, asked uhuru to resign, asked uhuru to stop killing luos ettc etc were killed kenya wouldnt have an apposition, activists and even many jubilee politicians as of now

Mimi na nani? Leo ume ona uchokoze nyuki?

Hivi ndio mimba hurukwa!!!

When it comes to RWNBP, uko ndani tena sana. Killings start unaanza kujitoa unakuwa independent.

Tunawaonea 18!!


Haiya! Mwili ukiingia morgue huwa unavalishwa hizo nguo za hosi kwanza ama alikufa akiwa kwa ward? Lete mharo yote

You can not tell who killed him, he walked into waters full of sharks with little knowledge and protection. NASA can kill him to incite locals by demonising jubilee, an natural enemy may take advantage or even jubilee sycophants may get angry and kill him. But i do not see uhuru or ruto being interested to a nobody, if they wanted to hit someone they would have hit wanjigi, orengo etc


And now his watch has ended. MHSRIP