Fast And Furious 7

Hehe I don’t know whether to classify this movie as action, comedy or just bullshit. Seriously? Do the movie’s writers care anymore? With each installment the stunts get more ridiculous. I can’t imagine just how action packed Fast and Furious 15 will be. I think one of the requirements for writing this movie is that you have to have a very deep seated hatred for physics. And the viewers. Also, experience with hallucinogens is an added advantage.
Or maybe I’m just overreacting. It’s just entertainment, right?
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Thats not how to critique films

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The whole film series needs to go away already.


Is there a formula for pointing out bullshit? How would you do it?

That cash cow has been overmilked, IMHO.

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The best was 5 when the Rock supercharged it.

However, I’m not trying to watch Citizen Kane or Heat with a bunch of friends. That’s why these movies were created.

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i give you 1.5 billion reasons why this franchise will continue

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Cinematic techniques used, editting style, film style used by the director, continuity… Niendelee?

This is how I watched it


So in short you’re telling me that I need to take a course in cinematography so I can come to the obvious conclusion that a film is garbage? Endelea lakini…

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If guys want to see how Hollywood sees the Fast n furiuos franchise,look for the movie Superfast…


watched 10mins of it and turned it off…it was a shitty spoof

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Boss, I used to work in the industry. Majority of the movie goers or watchers don’t give a shit about cinematography and editing. A critic does, and a critic in the days of the internet is proving obsolete. The biggest question usually is, ‘Am I entertained or not?’, along with ‘Is the movie star that I like in it?’, as well as whether the marketing was effective.


I can’t say I watched it, I was busy chatting on the phone while it was playing.

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With FF7 those mofos seriously capitalized on Paul Walker’s death. But like I said I’m kind of curious to see what kind of ridiculousness will be unleashed on an unsuspecting world next. Who knows, maybe they’ll graduate from cars to submarines and spaceships. They’re already parachuting cars out of planes. Family, we’re going intergalactic, the world just ain’t enough…so ridiculous.


Then you should know how well those techniques are used to make the film better and create desired effect on the viewer. Even though the viewer are not aware

I never liked any of them besides the first one. i hated the second one…i couldnt finish the tokyo one…im not even sure i watched the fourth one…the 5th one had a train (i think?)…watched the 6th one (in brazil right?) over the course of 4 months…couldnt be bothered to watch the 7th…this franchise will just keep going.
and The Expendables wants to do the same thing…i watched the first one thinking what is this shit…i still havent got past the first 20mins of the second one…

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The Expendables is one of the reasons I envy how men band together as a gender. The support for actors past their prime is astonishing in just that movie alone. I bet they had like 37 ambulances on standby incase one of those old niccas died in the middle of a scene :D:D:D How am I supposed to believe that Harrison Ford can do anything other than lift an oxygen mask to his face??? Almost all those guys need to be sitting somewhere in a home eating pudding and taking they vitamins.