Fas'alu ahl al-dhikr in kuntum la ta'lamun

Al-dhikr/zikr ni nani?

Na iyo yote ni majina ama ni dua…

It is a sura that says “so ask the people of the reminder if you do not know” al-dhikr ndio "people of the reminder


Asande Maalim…

Kwani umeingilio na nini?

Always ask those that know in case you don’t know. Here is another one.

[SIZE=5]“Are those who know equal to those who do not know?”[/SIZE]

Fas alu - ASK
Inkuntum taalamun - IF YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT IT.

One who asks is “foolish” for a day, one who doesn’t is "foolish for life!

Al-dhikr means remembering Allah