i have 3 acres of land somewhere and i want to venture into farming…anyone have any idea what crops do well around western and nyanza and that can handle that climate while still bring good returns…in a period on 3-4 months?

Simple, just take a soil sample pelekea wale watu wa agriculture research (i’ve forgotten the name), they’ll give you a list of crops that are suitable in that area.


am officially tired of formal employment na pesa ya kupimiwa

water source(s)?

That’s a very courageous move. But beware, farming can make you lots of money and it can also ran you aground. You need to have a solid fall back plan.

yes thres a water source…a large one kwanza .shida ni monkeys

horticulture…the monkeys, just trap one and crucify it alive…its kin will never come near there again;)


Plant weed aka fangi… more than 50% return.

you have personal experience on farming? and on the monkeys do you think an electric fence can work?

a bit…the secret is to invest in products you will be selling daily, or at least twice weekly in sufficient quantities to help you meet overheads

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Research about watermelon farming , we tried it in Eldy but we were not there to oversee …returns were not as expected

how much did you guys put in?

Around 20k , we had leased land from the farmers there and also labor from guys who dealt with watermelon farming.
Lakini since we dint bother much with type of seeds n were not overseeing things…dint do well

I did watermelons in Ahero which is near Kisumu. I used about 75k total. This covered everything from leasing the land to harvesting after 90days. I harvested 14 tons and sold to a broker from Nairobi for 28 bob a kilo. The returns were good despite the few mistakes I made. Sadly I have no experience with monkeys. All the best.

You are nuts.