Farmers in the house? What do you think of my Goat Project?

What breed of goats are you planning to keep? And is there market?

I’m planning to Keep Savanas and Boers…and Yes…The Market is there! An Insatiable one!

Go ahead mkubwa ama you join kamati ya pessimists

Where are you sourcing the goats from

utaziuza kule Huruma kei maiko kuna kichinjio

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*I’m yet to do in depth research and haven’t watched video but please indulge me. …

I’ve wanted to do this as well lakini I haven’t convinced myself yet.

What are the margins ? Do you have an outlet (butchery / nyama joint) or are they for slaughter?

What I cant figure out yet is pale slaughter house dead weight ya mbuzi on average is about 12kilos and they sell at about 300 per kg last I checked.

So mbuzi mzima inakuja 3600 weka ata 2K ya matumbo miguu na vichwa…so it grosses kitu 6K. Pale kwa shamba, farm gate ya mbuzi is at least 6000 depending on size.

Kwani hawa butchers basi hua wamenunua mbuzi moja how much?? You must then sell the goats at less than farm gate price ndio wauze at those prices… also, are you buying then selling or breeding for sale?

That’s why I ask about an outlet because you cut out the butcher and keep profits to yourself…

Anyway I look to be enlightened on goat mathematics or butchery ones because I’m interested in feed lotting.

Currently i’m stocking from the local markets before getting the better South african breeds,Boer or Savana. Galla is an option i’m considering too.

@Bwenyenye Apologies for taking ages to reply man. So, your math is okay…you will be selling the goats either kwa soko or to individual buyers at around Kshs 6,000 on average, but here’s the catch, if you have better genetics, Savana, Boer ama Galla, that’s a 6 months old goat fetching Kshs 6,000.

Taking advantage of economies of scale…one good herdsman can take care of 300 goats. Goats come in heat 4 weeks after giving birth, that means if a goat is serviced in early January, it will give birth in mid-June, it can be serviced again mid July and give birth again in mid December. What I was explaining there is, in a well managed farm, each goat should give birth twice a year. Well fed goats have an average kidding rate of about 170%. This means with 300 goats, you expect 510 kids mid-June and 510 kids mid-December. Of the 1020 kids, on average half are usually females, and the other half are males.

Assuming you don’t sell the females, you now have 510+300 breeding goats at the end of the year, and 510 bucks that you can sell. Our price? Kshs 6,000 so that’s Kshs 3,060,000

That’s an average of Kshs 255,000 monthly.

Even if we assume that your production costs take half that, 1.5M annually is good money and not forgetting your farm size will have grown by 170% in a year.

I like this. I know its in paper but the reality may not deviate much. You said you got a boer kid?

Exactly @Trojanex , it’s on paper but you can’t go so wrong not to benefit. I went to see some but didn’t like them much, I am getting a Galla first then cross half the offsprings with pure boer and the other half with pure Savana.

Galla is a good breed and can hit even 60Kgs or more. However I learnt they are suited for hot and dry regions so I doubt they will survive in my place

Watched. Good start but I think with time you’ll need to improve the shed

This is a good write up…however, still the fastest way to dispose is through an outlet or slaughter …is there really a market for individual buyers? Hio soko iko? How many goals on average can you sell per month?

Definitely. I need a kids pen in the shed.

It’s market day somewhere Monday to saturday. Individual buyers are there too.

Hapo sawa…please keep us posted on your venture