Farm produce brokers

Wadau,anyone with a suggestion on how these people can be dealt with once and for all.
A farmer tends to his/her crop for 3-5 months ensuring all is done for maximum productivity.
Come the harvesting time…whether there is an influx of the crop in market or not,these brokers come in and set the base buying price.
While setting it they don’t consider the farmer’s production price.
Farmers seem to have gotten used to this treatment,some are even bribed by the brokers whenever there is an attempt to regulate how prices are set.e.g in selling of a 50kg potato bag the base price should never go below a certain price come what may.
This is an issue crying to be scrutinized,if Uhuruto govt thought of it,probabtly they would have created more than a million jobs by drawing back the young,energetic and educated youths back to the farm.
What do we do,we have Konyagi setting the milk price for farmer,the person who is supposed to be saving farmers.
Guys leave your able opinions,suggestions here…

Farmers have power over brokers, but they will not come together in unity. Mmoja atapenda pesa za haraka zaidi, auze below ile bei farmers wenzake wamekubaliana.

Delamere set a precedent. Farm and create an outline where you can sell your produce direct to the consumers. Fuga mbuzi na ujenge butcher uuzie kastoma nyama
Fuga kuku na ufungue biashara ya mayai boil ama ufungue bakery ya keki, mikate na pizza.

Sell as a group and cutout the middle man.

Dairy farmers set up their own saccos kama Githunguri when baba Moi’s KCC used to shaft them, sijui hawa wengine wanangoja nini.

The government itself (Uhuruto) are the big brokers unless we have them out hii tabia itaendelea to. Anyway, farmers have to come out and shout their problems until the government feels irritated ndo wataskizwa. Meanwhile, “I have a bunch of bananas going for 300bob each,” a farmer calling a broker.

Impossible to root them out. Enda marikiti market uwapate with their V8’s and millions in cash money . They set the prices and if you don’t tow the line you won’t sell

Methinks the bigger problem is the farmers inability to unite. Kila MTU amekuwa individualistic to an extent of not seeing the bigger picture. As someone said hapo juu, dairy farmers in kiambu united to for Githunguri dairy cooperative. I know of passion fruit farmers in rift valley who have united to shaft brokers. So the question is, mbona farmers wengine wasishikane?

Free market is a bitch

May be that is where rooting them out should start from.
Make the market run independent of those guys

Money. Farmers wengi ni strugglers hawana huge disposable amounts of cash. Hio pesa kidogo ana make is cycled back to the business . Also they deal with perishable goods and most rely on rainfall .They lack facilities such as cold-room storage therefore they must dispose their produce quickly to aver losses …broker can afford to buy 10 canters za waru/nyanya/cabbage (dirt cheap) but can also shoulder loss akishindwa kuuza .
Even milk farmers . If they were smart they’d process it to yorghut,cheese,mala ,butter etc -these products have a longer shelf life and bigger margins but again hana pesa ya kununua equipment . Mind you alinunua fresian ya 150 -250k .

This is an excuse and not a reason. As I said, several farmers dealing in perishables have done it.

Cartels in cahoots with shittyhole mafioso. These people can afford bribes running to 10’s of millions just to maintain the status quo. Wengine kwa hio cartel ni watu wa exhauster . E.G there’s one in Ronga (real self-made sio kama hustler) who has 30! exhausters .Him and his ilk bribed the whole county government to ditch plans za sewerage/sanitation in Ronga . If you listen to mugithi music those artists are paid to holla your name …kuna mmoja they mention ****** wa Rongai .

Huyo kweli ni mbwa kali

Meant to say Outlet

Hata Mimi nataka kukua cartel sijui no ingililie gani