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[SIZE=7]‘Fargo’ Teaser: Two Crime Families, Only One Midwest[/SIZE]
Matthew Monagle

August 1, 2020 5:06 pm

News, Television, Trailers

One of the better developments in the era of peak television has been that of the non-sequential season orders. Gone are the days where a television network would crank out season after season of a popular show. This process often led to diminishing returns as the creators found themselves struggling to maintain their pace. Instead, if there’s mutual interest in continuing a show between network and creator, the new default gives the creator time to finish at their own pace. It may result in some frustrating gaps in our television consumption, but it makes for better TV overall.
READ MORE: Chris Rock Calls His “Fargo” Role His Best Ever
Case in point? “Fargo,” the anthology series from showrunner extraordinaire Noah Hawley. For a few years, it seemed that the fourth season of “Fargo” was never going to happen; you need only scroll through our archives to see 2017 headlines like, “FX CEO Says He’s Waiting for Noah Hawley to Pitch Season 4 of ‘Fargo’” or “FX Says There May Never Be Another Season of ‘Fargo.’” But the two sides were patient, and our reward for letting them move at their own pace has been a delightfully unexpected cast. Who would’ve thought that “Fargo” would’ve pulled in names like Chris Rock and Jessie Buckley? As always, their casting department remains one of their best features.
READ MORE: Noah Hawley Calls “Fargo” Delay “Frustrating”
For now, though, we must wait. While “Fargo” was set to premiere earlier this year, the new release date is undetermined (“Coming Soon”), and we have only new teasers like this to keep us satisfied. For now, we can keep ourselves occupied with the occasional teaser or trailer, including this latest drop from FX. It may not show us too much more than we already know, but the mixture of violence and silliness promises that this will definitely be the “Fargo” we already know and love. Fingers crossed it was worth the wait.

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August 3, 2020 2:35 pm
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I am a huge Fargo fun

it has taken too long.
but FARGO never disappoints.

me too.
but season one to me will always be the best so far.

that guy (Watson in Sherlock) was in the clear only to mess it up at the end.

I liked all… The parking lot season was dope… Kwanza that tall bad guy who kept removing stuff from his teeth… Priceless…



He ate stuff that would spoil his teeth intentionally to look poor.

I loved all of them. Nangoja sana.