Far Side moment

Warning: If you shake your head and hear strange noises, just skip this.

One evening my then boyfriend, my sister and I were lounging around watching TV together. An ad came on for tampons or pads or something, and he got quite awkward, but then said, “Well that’s pointless, it’s the wrong time of the month for that.” or words to that effect, the implications of which became clear to us girls almost immediately. We probed carefully, but yes, he actually thought that there was one time a month when ALL WOMEN menstruated, and that showing the ad some other time was not the most effective advertising strategy.

We were flabbergasted, and called him on it, and yes, it’s something he had never until then really thought about. His parents and any formal education had never even mentioned it. He had, before I met him, lived in a house with three female roommates, who, as can happen, all tended to menstruate around the same time of the month, since cycles can synchonise when living together, so this is where he came up with that idea! clearly not thinking through the extended logic that would have the world’s entire female population menstruating at the same time! and wouldn’t that be exciting, a world in which half its members are experiencing PMS at the same time. I still chuckle when I see the TV ads now, reliving what we decribed as a Far Side moment.

You were dating @Dimz Fala ?

Great read

Ebu let’s entertain that thought for a minute, it would mean all the men would be forced to gap, except the gay ones, or just be blue balled for the entire period which would be best the longest possible period, of 7 days hmmmm, can all the women join hands to fast and pray:D

waah like google photos, had no idea. learnt something new

Is it possibly coz most women are synched with the moon?

is that true? or is the moon one of the many factors that come in play? I read somewhere wakiwa stressed or even if they travel a lot they can get irregular cycles. Maybe living together exposes them to almost similar environmental conditions/diet/stress levels leading to a synch. Anyway I am just a lay man musing

Of course there are many factors that come into play including competition for mates … Am a layman too.

your dicks should start bleeding every month, meffi manginas

and who would be giving it to you with roughness homo web dev?

Cunt relate

:D:D my best friend and I ,live in the same neighbourhood and ours are 1 day apart…
Could be true.

when has menstrual period been a hindance to coitus?

OP: funny post. I actually shook my head to confirm…schoopid.

That would be fun fun! On the other hand, war is likely to occur. Can you imagine a situation where they are on ration duty, and have to deal with a horde of PMSing bitches? I don’t want to be around for that! :D:D

Synchronized cheating and abstinence like in the animal kingdom.


neighborhood watch = PMS tag team

We would rule the world for those 7 days I tell yah!

I am a PMSzilla.

Cum to think of it. Our local is normally jam packed by miserable looking men/hubbies around that time…

It all makes sense now!:smiley:

Then comes the great bonanza for men, behold the ovulation days :D:D:D:D:D

First time I have read something on PMS that is interesting.