Some foreigner just asked me to name a few top ranking famous individual in Kenya and back up my answers.
Wadau who do I put,should not have any specks of itchy fingers

Kwani hujui billionaires my fren , check this @Starscream mpenda Kunguru na keg
@digi , kila MTU anajua ni kihií

@Starscream ni kamzae hakana meno kanaishi Kangemi ka peasant kuruka.Kama sasa hii kako ABC place route 11 on his way home

Top ranking doesn’t necessarily equate to wealthy people. Ule father alikuwa award to me is a very highly ranked Kenyan his impact on schools and kids is way more beneficial to society than birrions in the account.

Teacher Tabichi.

Thiem. Spends 5 million on mpesa each month. Flys out of the country every 6 months- destinations, Europe and America. Owns gazillions of assets in Kenya.

na bado huitisha shot mbili kwa inbox ya @shiroe :D:D aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway…

He is also a top kahuna at the UNDP hapo Gigiri…