Famous gate litein again

So today I decided to go have lunch at famous gate litein hoping to get a chance to ask for the digits of the heavy booties dark waitress and yes I did but to my surprise another equally beautiful but brown cutie comes to serve me. I was mesmerized and confused. Anybody here to assist me get her digits. Here is her photographic image


Ichuuus nebelebik,amin burasta aragani

Ile njaa mko nayo huku mnaweza tomba hata ngombe kama @Tauren

The way you asked the dark bootyed

Hiyo forehead kwani ni muzzle Kama ya[ATTACH=full]393342[/ATTACH] ng’ombe ?

hii kijiji imejaa watu wapumbavu, lowest cadre of society

I know her very delicious cutie hata pesa hataki


Aragani, Imeche ikum ?,Kwondab chito

That’s looks like the most decent middle class joint for miles around Bureti… I actually stumbled upon it by accident.

pkulel menegen i nsom busiat ooh

What do u expect from diseased dogs like @PHARMACY

Waitress ni mali ya umma. Mwambie akujenge namba umtumie tip.

What is stopping you from getting her digits right there and then, ama you are part of MGayTOW chyeth … the cowards who fear approaching women?

Saitan! Ndo huyo apo mbele yako na umekimbia Kijiji kuuliza namba?
Maybe you want our hands down your ass to move your lips asking for the number.


Kapkatet bado ni sleeper town?

huyu waitress amechapa…jiheshimu

Konon namba okum. Nikingomutu konyo kamaiwa

Peana mcoondur polepole bila kunitaja coomerniner mtoto wa malaya