Fake Gold Scam

Last year a time like this my uncle was given a sweep, He works as a Truck driver along Mombasa Kampala route on a daily basis, being a truck driver this guy is so with side hustle deals he has connections ranging from siphoning Gas along the highway to selling used lorry tires he is that guy whom once he gets into the bar, The owner of the bar closes the door to avoid Sonko from being disturbed na ma Hustler.
Well to vividly describe this gentleman he is a medium sized man is potbellied and always wears Safari boots shoes a camel king Jacket, a khaki trouser and a Ruto cap, that one designed with Kenyan flag.
As i mentioned earlier is that he is a connected guy having worked as a broker for selling cows to date its among one of his silent hustles, he is also among the informants for local area MCA sometimes they are taken to Nairobi to meet with DP Ruto live, they always come back loaded, lately he is even rearing chicken i heard him mentioning that DP has an order of 8000 broilers to export to Saudi Arabia weekly 1.8kgs, he has been registering people who need to be supplying 1K each, means the man is now untouchable. a village lord in fact he has a kamjesh that usually takes him to his place when he is intoxicated or if he wants to snatch a lady from someone in the bar, they are so spirited they are good dentists , he actually does that. Once this man notices your girl at the bar and he wants her. He certainly will take her, i have witnessed cases where motorbikes enter into the bar and the girl is forcefully taken.
My uncle sometimes drinks with OCS mwenyewe, sometimes during muthutho time when those D- guys would come and try to arrest me it takes a phone call away and i am released amidst apologies from the cops.
Last year around may, Uncle had a deal. he was in town meeting friends when he met some guys dealing with Gold, Real Gold they where three guys in a V8, they introduced themselves and bought Nyama choma and lots of beer for him and his friends thats when they introduced to him that they wanted to include him in their chain since he travels daily he could be a good agent to ship the stuff to Coast, The only thing was that he seemed reliable and a bit loose mouthed therefore may not be a good candidate, they told him that it might take sometime to consider they continued to meet for like three days and at one time they left him with the V8 Car to flow around. Hatukupumua, that was the first time i chewed the counter girl. Hekaya for another day. it was a realmachine banae.
Next day he handed over the car, he was shown two white stones that valued almost 10 million, guy was mesmerized.
He immediately decided to sign a deal with the guys who now where rolling with gals n money, Guy never came back to the locals, alikuwa anakunywa taoo maze ma Gledenfidic. he work me that night with a Johnnie walker drunk as a skunk, told me that he was now with big boys and thathakuna kunywa keg tena he left me a thao and went to his house, next day the Guy was required to deposit ONE MILLION kenya shillings for membership refundable fee to be paid in cash, He took all his savings plus for the wife and did not inform the wife. He had one Gold sample that he was to take to Mombasa but also he was to meet the guys for more consignment.
He instructed the wife to wake him up very early in the morning, he was working in a bigger deal and he was even considering to buying them a more bigger house.
The guy was woken very early in the morning actually a bit late, he was actually late the wife had seen some missed calls and was kinda worried but the guy had already dressed he did not even take breakfast, He had safely stashed the cash and the GOLD. He went to an hotel where he met the guys, they headed to a LODGE and did the exchange, He gave them the money , Immediately they had counted the money one of the guys removed a Pistol and ordered him to remove his clothes all, of it and to surrender the clothes, Any attempt to shout would be death.
He was tied in the bed, they closed the room from outside and vanished. Uncle waited for like 3Hours when some Janitor @Micymas heard his cries from inside, They came for his help jamaa had been tied like a chicken thank God they where not interested with Kinyambis like @Panyaste .
He was untied and given some scrubs and slippers, Guy called me he knows my number off head,actually wife had inquired whether i had been in touch with him earlier to assist him with 200 bob, i was honestly surprised but first things first nikamskumia through that number he had used. Uncle arrived arond evening, He did not knock but went straight to the bedroom up to the washroom. Wife was dumbfounded. the guy had been acting weird lately and she was not surprised that probably the man had smoked some Bhang, He did not take his supper but headed straight to the bed without talking to the wife, wife joined him later.
women have particular instincts, She must have tried to check her bank balance only to notice that it had been wiped,She was so hysterical alimrukia mzee nanii, shouting wapi pesa yangu. Guy alipewa kichapo na wife, Huwa anakuanga jogoo but this time he realy deserved he was weeping like a kid.
Uncle is now going through PTSD, he is the best family man. aliacha pombe after several attempts kwa mganga to recover his cash.


Tragic ending if this is true. Look for a psychiatrist and take him there. Na ujifunze kuweka full stop.

that sounds like a made up story. The true story is too embarrassing for him to tell. Most likely alienda na maraya lojo ikampea mchele akapeana pin zote or something close to that

A bit slow in the beginning but funny all the same.


:smiley: funny

Simply Put… In this life time, a man comes and tells you they will make you rich [SIZE=7]RUN NIGGA RUN [/SIZE][SIZE=4]hii pesa sio ya mama ya mtu[/SIZE][SIZE=7] [/SIZE]

Today’s briefing, the story that never happened


it Happened manze

Humbwer koko unasemaje.

Sometimes you need to play players in their own game. Year ni '99 ,bro ameingia mtaani from someplace na amekam kuchachisha. Alitubeba squadi mzima including one smooth talker named Kagz,a shady AF character to the core,our pal but didn’t trust him one bit
Sisi hao kwa ka local pale pango ya mujamaika but haiko zone yetu so hatujulikani, adabu ndio inastawi pale hadi bia ni 120.Kidogo buda flani akasonga ki sniper karibu na sisi akiwa na offer ya gold na mihadarati,we opted for gold. All this time ameotea bro ju anajua yeye ndio kusema pale.

In comes kagz na kizungu heavyweight na maswali mzito za origin?, stamps?certificates? and other big biz words tunamwangalia ka mbuzi zimelost.

Buda akajua hapa amekafunga. Kagz tiyari ashamshow eti bro ya mi ndio the big deek hapo ,akavuta bro kando na kumshow a play along,buda alikimbia kwa gari na kurudi na blocks kwa kikapu “looking like gold” …and with stamps on them showing some refinery house logo and the 99.999 sheeit.

Wakaskizana bei , kagz huyo na bro kwa tuk tuk kuendea dough,mimi na maboyz tunateremsha tu. Kidogo wamekam ,kagz na bag yake ambayo wamama hufikiria ni ya kubeba bangi,wakatoana nje wote na huyo buda na boy wake kupiga biz.

Kidogo kagz na bro wameingia wakachapa sip na kutushow tutoke.Sisi hao teke hadi mtaani. Tulionyeshwa gold walibuy,ofcourse zilikua fake,but little did we know ,kagz had a large stash of fake dollars all along sijui alitoa wapi and thats what he bought the gold with.
Pale wakiwa kwa gari kagz aliwashow dough mabuda wakabambika ,washapeana kikapu ya ogoro na kupewa zao .
walieka dough straight chini ya kiti,reverse na kuinua gari ni kama walicarjack .
Days later,kagz ndio anachachisha pale Spiders,ako na motorolla starTac mpya na label ya michigan juu chini. Whatever he did with the gold no one cared,tuliwasha weekend mbili lakini.planning to find and ask him

Well Played. Pwagu akapata pwaguzi, Was that a Home pub? Is it a place you frequent. He needs to watch out. Those Guys who do such trade might retaliate

Ni 99 boss

your bro is a krimino :smiley: :smiley:


they are so spirited they are good dentists.

I get it. Kung’oa watu meno serious