Fake delmonte imewasili


eeh bana! hope they never improve on their graphics and font

Del monte si ya kenya pekee jamaneni,Del Monte Foods, Inc is a North American food production and distribution company headquartered at 3003 Oak Road, Walnut Creek, California .wakidecide watawaletea products made for other region ,you will take it…or leave it.Judging from the tetra pack labeling its probably amerukan since they are very conscious about ingredients. there are more delmonte products out there besides juices and fruits we have in kenya

We can Google too nigga

Hii maandishi ni ya Njoroge pale River Road.

The fake pack would read colors if it was Amerukan

The larger logo looks like the old delmonte logo.

good,all along mi hujua wewe ni wa bandos ,kumbe ni mbirrioneas,Side note:- my two year old told me she could read,i was impressed:D:D:D:D:cool:

saw the fake one @ some club … yawa wakenya kazi ni kunyoa bila maji tu…

not all amerukans spell the same,and when it comes to international products ,spelling is universal ,just because they say aluminum,hundae,eyerack doesnt mean they are not smart

If its safe for human consumption then i say let them go on…kwanza niliskia hao delmonte they are tax evaders .Wakwende huko.

hii defence yote…kwani unacut

No no
investor Companies pay different VAT and tax;its not evading its patnership with a brand with a local brand that makes them “trim” their tax margin

You are very wrong, huko wako na very current equipment wanakutolea the exact copy.

Basi ni Mutiso ama Wafula!

Wacheni kiherehere.
I’ve seen that supposedly fake one in several reputable supermarkets.
My guess is they have changed the packaging and the one on the left is just old stock.

It’s not fake.
Its their new packaging.

No entiendo lo que me dices.

cut throat i see


hawa majamaa wangeleta ad kwa TV kabla tuanze kuchoma ma supermarket