Is faiba stil best on internet speeds? Does their sim card work on redmi note 9?

Mjomba si ununue laini tu ujue mwenyewe first hand? Si line ni almost bure? Na kama ni redmi 9 kushika faiba why not Google GSMarena, ama you go to the faiba people with your smartphone wakuconnect kabisa kabisa?

Unge saidia tu yeye…

Naomba umsaidie wewe, tafadhali.

Yes redmi note 9 has band 28 so therefore it will work…

No it’s not the best. But it is better than Telkom and Airtel. Bottom line, they all suck, it is just that Faiba seems to be best of worst.

Safaricom wins because of 4G+, the other 4G is just garbage too.

However, I can declare Faiba the overall winner because it has decent speeds and the best bundle packages in Kenya. If you want Safaricom for Data, just install their fibre, otherwise you will go broke buying their bundles to satisfy today’s demands (assuming your phone supports 4G+). Faiba is the only network whose data won’t expire because of extremely poor network. It is also the only one you can use at night (with the exception of Safaricom’s 4G+).

Yes. But also, what I know about faiba 4g is that you can’t just pop in your sim card and start tweeting, not just like that. You need to to take it to the faiba guys to have them do some settings on the phone first. But I also know that I could be very wrong.

Safaricom dawa ni post paid. I have 33GB of accumulated data on a K Shs 2K per month package, plus 4000 accumulated minutes, sijui nitafanyia nini hata.

Ndizo [U]hizi APN settings[/U] bro, you don’t need to do all that.

Safaricom postpaid ni ya watu wako na fibre connection. For people who don’t have broadband, hio 30 GB per month ni kidogo for 2k, that’s 50GB monthly on Faiba, and 60GB if you plan to buy weekly

But as of now I can’t bother with faiba lines. It is the worst mobile network in kenya for now.

Umaskini inawafanya muone ni kama Safaricom haiko sawa… Poor peasants

Naona you haven’t met Telkom or Airtel :D:D, utarudi ukilia

Humans mkijua how to make Telcos comply with consumer demands mtaacha kukimbizana na iPhones na Safaricom :D. Ata kama tunatumiaga Safaricom fibre it’s because we sometimes have no choice. Others are sleeping

Faiba is a 4G is that Redmi 4G? If then it will work if not tafuta 4G. Faiba iko limited na regions, uko mushadha haifanyi

I have used all them, and I still have the faiba 4g line… Safaricom could be king if they priced their services more realistically.

Exploitation ya safaricon hatutaki.

follow this link and click compatible devices
to be safe, only choose a device iko hapo
Internet speed is okay… hapo…though iko slow between 7pm and 10pm…

Thats why its currently the best

@ilonMask si unaona chenye nasema… Umaskini haiwezi ruhusu watu kutumia Safaricom… But it remains the best

:D:D:D There is a difference between fair pricing, value for money, and pure fanboyism. If you feel 15GB for 3K on Safaricom is fair to you, well and good. The cost of Safaricom services is not fair in any country, FYI. Airtel was comfortable in India until Jio arrived. Sasa indians can enjoy 100 Mbps fibre connection for the same amount of money you buy 10 Mbps from Safaricom