Faiba network - - - Smartphone vs MiFi, all unlocked


Nokia 1
Jumia @ KSh5500.

Mimi naona afadhali smartphone. You can make calls, send and receive sms, browse with it while it offers all the benefits of a traditional MiFi.

There are some other eligible smart phones that are comparably more powerful than the Nokia 1 but bei ziko juu kiasi albeit cheaper by other standards. Eg the LG Nexus 5x.

Battery itaisha na smartphone

Wewe uko na gani

Tough thinking. I like this

Buy their mifi … case closed its charge will last you the entire day

mifi haina the battery hog that is the screen

Hiyo mifi haina band 20(800mhz) used by both Airtel and Telkom.

The mifi also drains the battery kama kawaida. The phone has a replaceable battery. And it will ideally and primarily be used as a router. Then as a backup phone to maximise it’s usefulness. The mifi cannot send or receive messages, cannot make calls, cannot install any applications like WhatsApp.

So the mifi can install other applications NOT like WhatsApp?

I get your point . So you will get the phone plus extra batteries ka mbili hehe …

You have a valid point. It’s about using the phone vs the mifi as a router. Both can stay plugged in in the house. Only one can serve other purposes.

However, ebu angalia how many devices a phone hotpot can handle vs a mifi. Plus how well a phone handles multiple connected devices. Will it share the bandwidth equally? What will it give priority? Consider ping manenos too. Does ping change if data is routed through a phone vs a mifi? Doea the mifi support Ethernet cables btw? Because the phone doesn’t so its not ideal if you want to game. What are you going to be doing? You don’t want a Google play Services or Instant apps update messing with, your internet while doing something sensitive. Updates za Google services kwa phone are forced and cannot be controlled.

Buy a mifi it serves its purpose. You still need a separate 4G enabled phone. It is specifically designed for hotspot connections no interruptions due to incoming call or sms and downloads on the phone vile imesemwa hapo juu.although not its primary purpose a Mifi can send sms through the web browser interface ama app for a given model for instance Huawei have an app that you can operate your mifi through.

Hata battery ya mifi ni replaceable. Mifi can send sms and even do both watsapp and telegram call through a connected device.

Simu yangu mzee kama @Panyaste ndio huwa natumia kama mifi

Will buying an unbranded mifi router affect the performance of faiba or telcom