Faiba Data Bundles


I use Faiba bundles via hot-spot. I am concerned by the recent consumption of their bundles.
I streamed the Italy vs England match and I consumed 5GB. Like how??
Ati natumia 15GB within 5 days.

I only watch YouTube for like 30 minutes daily.

Are Faiba thieves or what might be the problem??

depends on what quality you were streaming it

True. But bottomline is shit.

I use the 15gb weekly bundle and I haven’t noticed a change in consumption… In fact last I bought a new bundle I had around 4 GB unused that expired from previous week

These are the same pple who say safaricom swallows their bundles

They used to be great around 2018 2019 hapo until wakaanza wizi I recently dropped them too when I realized in a month I had spent like 9k to buy their stupid bundles for the mifi

I guess ni comp settings ziko na issue then

:D:Dthey seem ti to have learnt from Safaricom

Limit your streams to 720p. Also enable Data Manager on your account- I think it helps. Last week I had problems with Zuku and I didn’t exhaust weekly 8GB on Faiba despite streaming like 2 hours per day at 720p and using on PC.

Faiba ilikua worth it 3 years back i just switched back to safaricom 4g home fibre i can say its worth it.

Btw for reasons I don’t quite understand live streaming chews more bundles than normal YouTube viewing… I’ve noticed this with Sunday services live vs recorded

Kumbe kanyari ana wafuasi wengi sana humu?