Things came to a head when a student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, who has been benefiting from five ‘sponsors’ was unmasked.
Roseanne, a curvy third year student, was left with egg on her face after the five men she has been dating her met in her house and resolved to walk away with goods they had bought her.

The five bumped into each other at her rented house in Mwiyala last Wednesday, each coming for ‘quality’ time.
According Roseanne’s neighbours, a senior employee of the County Government of Kakamega’s revenue department was the first to arrive at around 5.30pm.
“She was preparing tea for the revenue officer when a banker from Kisumu walked in with a quarter kilo of beef. She served the two men tea and came to my house to disclose that she didn’t know what to do or tell them,” said Alice Nekesa, a neighbour.
Two other ‘sponsors’ came visiting some 30 minutes after the revenue and accountant had finished taking tea.

Panicking that things could run out of hand, Roseanne called her new catch, a police officer stationed at Kakamega Central Police Station to come to her aid.
“When the police officer arrived, he told the other four that he was the man of the house by virtue of paying this month’s Sh15, 000 rent and demanded to know what they were doing in his house,” Nekesa said.
The other men laid bare their input to claim the lady. “Denno (the banker) told them that he was the one who bought the bed, cupboard, a heavy density mattress and bed sheets in the house as the revenue officer pointed at select furniture in the sitting room as his property,” Cynthia Wanjiku, a friend to Roseanne said.
The police was adamant that they all leave until one of the men, a high school teacher calmed him down and whispered: “My brothers this girl conned us and we will be counted as fools if we fight over that. The only way to save face is to carry away everything each of us bought for her and move on.”
James Ouko, a caretaker of the house, said the men packed up furniture, a TV set and beddings and went their way. The girl had by this time ran away to avoid the embarrassment from the neighbours and the public.
They carried everything from the house, and one demanded Sh15,000 deposit he paid when he moved the sex siren to the house.

“I called her to inform that her house was being cleared but she replied, “wacha wachukue nitapata zingine (Let them take their things, I will get others)’,” said the caretaker.

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That’s what most men go through.

Quarter kilo of beef? Surely? Kwani walikua wanaenda ku bait panya?

Niliposomea mmust huko mwiyala ndiko nilikoishi. Place inaitwa Shinyalu bar.

kuna mtu alikuwa na mizani at the critical moment!

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Sikutaka kuishi karibu na chuo ndio msupa akitaka kukam lazima apige simu. Hapo kefinko ningechoma mawaya.

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I hope wamepimwa.

That university has some of the cheapest but good whores…i always get one when i visit kakamega.

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Huyo naye ni mzoga ile noma…imagine sponsor watano and not forgeting the ever hungry hyenas (mafisi) of MMUST who eat everything hadi mzoga…damn huyu akipata bwana atakuwa na nyap inatoshana na Rusinga Dam

No pictorial effidence ?
Fake story…