they are starting to irritate me with their endless argument,i am daring this fags for a fight@ WebDev @kijana shoga ,@Nairobi gay@Emali and others

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Leo uko mabatini ama myers ti hi hi hi

Ooooh I thot your talking about cigarettes

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@Wakanyama I think there was expert concensus that you are the fag for your compulsive gay bashing threads every day.



@nairobilay ain’t a fag!! Sucked and fucked him!!


@Wakanyama Pilipili usiyoila yakuwashiani? Extensive research has shown that excessive and unwarranted homophobia is actually a psychological and diversionary tactic away from one’s suppressed homosexuality.

So the more you are gay bashing here, the more you are just looking stupid to us by confirming that you are a struggling closeted gay guy unable to come to terms with their sexuality and venting it out on others.


[ATTACH=full]9111[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]9112[/ATTACH]

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it my duty to do God’s will,to bash faggots and when possible lynch them.I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN BE A FAG

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niko gachuiri uthiru,mimi ni old school hivi hivi

@junkie acha ufala maze…

@junkie is the faggot prince

@junkie umerogwa walai


mashoga wakiwa na patron wao old monkey tunataka heshima kutoka kwenyu

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Atleast hiyo picha ya junkie imetolewa…@junkie uko na shidaaaaaa kwa kichwa


Wako na mugiithi later on i think…:slight_smile:

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If it list like a fag,twitt like a fag,post like a fag,talks like a fag,it’s definately a fag

@Web Dev why are you a fag?