Facing court trial for a defaulted mobile loan

Wadau, last year I took out a mobile loan and have defaulted for a while since I was out of work and my side hustle wasn’t really working out for me. Sasa nimetumiwa letter stating that legal action has been taken against me and I have 14 days to complete my loan, but I start a new job tomorrow na siezi lipa pengine Hadi end month. I want to know what is the worse that could happen if I fail to comply

you’ll probably have to pay a fee
that is why I first save some money and then buy what I want without loans etc.

Was in one of those situations where I had no options. I have all intentions of repaying just not now lakini wale majamaa ain’t hearing none of it

Defaulting on a loan is not a criminal offence. Even if they take you to court. they have to prove that you have the money but you are refusing to pay

If you don’t pay within the 14days na uende kotini…the courts will compel you to pay…plus legal charges…in short lipa deni… shenji

Flush the letter down the toilet and sit pretty. Nothing will happen to you. They won’t and can’t take you to court.

They can take you to court. There was a case around last week or so, let me check.

Hakuna mahali mtu atapelekwa !!!
There are14M mobile loan defaulting .ke nyeuthis listed on CRB. majority are vijana who borrowed with no intention to repay.

Even banks never take people to court, unless they want to auction a property attached to your loan. For unsecured loans the worst any lender can do is to blacklist you.

I can guess that those ferkers who gave you the loan are iPesa and the letter forwarded by Wambugu advocates. they once did the same to me na all i did was to pay

If the court rules in their favour you will pay much more than you owe them. In fact, you could end up being dispossessed of very valuable assets.

They spend more taking you to court than what you owe them.

Then you have to pay for that too.

Under what charges?? The loan is unsecured, the worst they can do is threaten you

These are empty threats. Just pay when you can. They can’t take you anywhere except CRB (which they must have done anyway), if they are still allowed to do that.

Mwende court halafu upatie judge a vague promise to pay accompanied by Kshs. 500. The fuckers will be compelled to take the 500/= halafu judge will pretend to give you a stern warning while calling the creditors meffi kimoyomoyo.

Exactly! That is just to threaten you to pay. Lenders dread and avoid courts like a plague…because if you are arraigned and claim that uko na majukumu i.e rent, food, kulipia mtoto wa sistako fees etc, the court can even order ulipe decimal amounts of cash like 200bob/ month . Trust me

not really, the courts usually Ask the defaulter the amount they can pay monthly, hata ukisema 10 bob, they write that down, mind you, this is tied to the loan amount plus interest which must not exceed 100% , . defaulting is not a criminal offence that’s why banks avoid the courts way unless it’s a huge amount since the bank will incur extra costs in lawyers fee. Banks would rather write off those small amounts esp. unsecured ones.

A letter is barely proof that legal action against you has been raken. Hio ni matisho ya kukuweka baridi.

Also, is your loaned amount worth a case in court? Ni lender yupi huyo?

Can they get orders to seize your property and auction it?