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@denis young thought you might be interested in this for random knowledge purposes

Arbitrage - Buy traffic from FB for less than you make on audience network through your instant articles

Don’t rely on arbitrage for your income. Its not reliable and can change day to day. Only 10% of our income comes from this method. The rest is organic. Target US audience. Its a custom audience, it has to be, to get low CPC’s. Use a pixel to create custom audiences. Create one from people who have engaged with your posts in the last 365 days. Create lookalike ones.

Find a post that performed well for you organically. Look at your insights, did have good reach? What was engagement like? LOOK AT SHARES. This is the best way. Look at how many shares it had. Promote this post to your custom audience, use a small budget of $5.00 to test it out. Please edit this post before you promote it. Make sure it’s showing 4 ad units! make the content engaging and useful! Facebook likes this. Create a custom ad placement so you can track revenue. After the first day, measure the CPC, and revenue. Did you make profit? Yeah, well scale it up to $10.00 then. Didn’t make money? Try another article, and another and another.

o_O:D:Donly sounds good on paper

Interesting. But you can only do this if the site is established. Otherwise you would be targeting people with zero interest.
I might try this. Arbitrage is a concept i use in many of my businesses.

what are you people talking about?