Facebook friend requests: Why this?

I have received more than 70 friend requests in the last two days yet my account is more than ten years old. Can’t understand why:


Letea elders number za hio kienyeji mamyto anakaa kuwa tamu kisunguch.

I came to believe that there are folk who trawl FB looking for folk to befriend. Will never understand how that works. I have a long list of requests and can only recognise a few kazos…besides yangu haina mbishas or anything exciting.
I don’t know how this works.
BTW Shifo not even one chicken drumstick jameni? wewe ni mkono ngumu.

Woi shifu, maybe ur shaft imeanikwa pale kwa captain.

Tips. Kuna ile fashion galore ulipost hapa. Shauri yako

Sawa mkubwa

Pole Sana my sister. Hata sija-celebrate hii Krissi. Was busy in some construction project. I want to celebrate hii mwaka mpya weekend.

Na Nani sasa? I have never exposed my privates online

Could it be the cause?

most probably kuna scandal yako imerushwa in a certain website

I will investigate

Kuna jamaa mutual amekuanika. All of them have the same 1 mutual friend.

What do you expect with a profile pic resembling a shemale

That’s on Facebook trying to increase activity on their board.


Anytime a friend of a friend like what you liked the responses ignite requests on all sides.


Ghasia meffi takataka

Uliza mumama @uwesmake

But how does this work if I am not active there i.e no likes no dislikes?

The activity is happening on your friend’s page suggesting his friends to you.
Like, google suggesting all kinds of related items to buy if you log into Amazon through it.