FA cup final

Assnol kama kawaida wanakamuliwa bila lube.
1_0 to chelshit within 5 minutes. Uwes n Co you are in for a rough ride




Tuko nyuma ya arsenali!

Fucck huyu refa

Congrats to arsenal though Chelsea were really not lucky, don’t know squad ya champions league itakuwa aje after the injuries zenye wamepata Leo.

The match will be a formality, aggregate from the 1st leg is too much

MKZ hatupumui.
Just coz haka ka team kamepata silverware.

Great game


MKZ ni wapi?? …Mukuru kwa Zuckerberg?

Impressive first season for Frank Lampard. Took Chelsea from 3rd to 4th; got six points fewer than Sarri; conceded as many league goals as Brighton; lost the FA Cup final to a fairly ramshackle Arsenal.

Chelsea nĩ mũkamo… Tumewakamua kamua bila Arĩmis


I think we underestimated Arsenal. We didn’t play well especially after our first goal. Things turned against us and the ref was biased. Kutuonea tu

Ref alikuwa sawa wapi mlionewa?


Everything was wrong with Anthony Taylor. He is a fraud.

Mikel arteta beat:
Manchester City
Manchester United