f**k magisk!

Hello guys…am gonna shoot straight to the problem,who has encountered magisk bootloop? I have been enjoying magisk upto until i updated it to V 16…i woke up jana only to have my phone restart itself then it bricked,like it couldnt go beyond cubot splash screen…who else has had this kind of encounter and if you did,how ,did you go bout it?

Cubot :smiley:

Its an awesome device…

It was the first smart phone that i had eyed before lumia 620 caught my attention… That was way back in 2014…

Same with here,tho i havent developed eyes for another phone yet

http://gifimgs.com/res/0418/5acb929aebb1a904410077.gifKitu nimeshika ni phone kubrick:D:D:D:D:D

Ni wapi hujaelewa ni clarify?

I think you ought to ditch anything mediachieth for @snapdragon devices - hata Kama its the same brand…

wacha tu.nikupitia nilikua napitia

Ala! If the culprit was magisk then the phone should have soft-bricked immediately when you updated it n not the next day. Culprit ni a different app. Been using magisk for the past one year without problems

piga hiyo shida screenshot utume kwa ile number ingine…hii hapa ina shida

I have candycrush

Thinking of xiaomi note5plus

It did after io update ya v16…kwanza ilikwama kwa logo ya cubot

Ukishasema cubot ushajisolvia shida yako

Tafuta stock Rom uflash tu

Dirty flash is the keyword ama data yote itaenda