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Happy twendy twendy dear villagers. I’ve been in hibernation, but today I’m really pissed-off because of yesterday’s incident at the B-Club, and the comments that were made thereafter by mr cliff omena.
First of all, my sincere prayers to the fellow who was shot; I wish you quick recovery.
I respect that cliff is a criminal defense attorney, but some cases are not worth wasting his breath on. Wtf did he say that the boy was defending himself? From what/whom? The only person he ought to be defending himself from, is babu!!! This dude is his worst enemy. Why would anyone, who has allegedly been threatened and is afraid for his life, be hanging out in a public club and partying all night instead of being home with his family?
It is clear from the short video clip that’s making rounds, that there was no direct threat to this fool. If someone had approached him in a threatening manner, why didn’t anyone else around him notice the threat? (they only reacted after the gun shot). I wish that there was jury trial in Kenya!! The moment he turned his head around and pulled out the weapon clearly indicates that he was angry at something/someone, and that was his ‘F it!’ (kama ni mbaya ni mbaya) moment. That one/two-second-pause means a lot. If anyone had threatened him as ombeta claims, he wouldn’t have turned his head away from the threat. He had total control of his physical environment. The video clearly shows an individual who couldn’t handle whatever was going on through his little brains. That was premeditated, period. If someone had confronted him, why didn’t the video show him being surprised?
Cliff, with all due respect, if you are a fellow villager and are reading this, let this fool rot in jail. Reserve the little dignity that you have left.
Mr Admin, if you really don’t agree with my expression and wish to delete this thread, kindly delete my account as well. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

Roll a fat one and relax. The guy that was shot is collateral damage of a failed society. Omba tu u don’t end up as a victim. Hii ni kama kupanda mawe and expect to harvest mahindi.

The US should push and fast track the extradition of ombetta to go and face trial for his role in obstruction of justice in the Akasha mistrials in Kenya.
It would be the best news Kenyans would receive in a long while.
Few if any Kenyans would feel any mercy for him.

Ombeta should be Sulemanid.

Welcome back old friend

Akasha were never charged in a kenyan law for drugs, and the DPP never gave any evidence that the Akasha’s were drug dealers. The prosecution side sided with the Akasha’s. Ombeta only defended his clients against EXTRADITION, nothing else. Uhuru is on record saying no kenyan will ever be extradited to be tried in a foreign nation, thts why Akasha’s were kidnapped and smuggled outside the country.

Case ya Sara Wairimu mwenye aliuwa Cohen ni Criminal Case 60 of 2019. Criminal Case ya Akasha’s against drugs ni Criminal Case what of which year? Wacheni kubebwa ufala na media. DPP na office of the president protected the Akasha’s, and are now protecting Ali Punjani

unasahau drugs zilienda kuchomewa katikati ya bahari?:D:D:D:D:D

exactly!!! sir

You can’t entirely blame Ombeta. He is just playing the system. Argue, bribe if you must. It’s his job. That’s how he feeds his family. The law actually guarantees bail for all(?) cases. Which is okay. But if I kill someone my bail Is worth ksh 1m for example. If a governor kills someone, his bail is worth Ksh 1m. But he is worth Ksh 20b. This defeats the purpose of a bail. It’s also supposed to be a deterrent and punitive. The governor should feel the same pain I feel in posting the bond. Let him be given a bond of ksh 1b especially for serious crime. Without jumping into politics, Uhuru has at least indicated some willingness to fight against graft. Sonko, Waititu, etc have gone down. The police have put some fight through the DCI. And the DPP. Everybody now calls for the DCI for anything and everything. When was the last time someone called for the EACC. But what have the courts done. Absolutely Nothing. No recommendation of change in laws, etc. What is the Chief Justice’s contribution ? And neither have your parliamentarians. There in lies the problem.

I usually wish something really bad to happen to a lawyer’s family member then the defence lawyer starts saying ridiculous things about the victim in front of the TV.

What were the Akashas in remand for?

Lawyers are scum…lowest class of human beings I can say
There was a case of a lawyer representing two orphans in court when their only piece of land their father left for them was grabbed by a businessman
The lawyer after getting crucial documents and evidence from the orphans ,switched sides,destroyed/forged the documents and started representing the businessman

  1. Acha ujinga. Hata wewe utahitaji wakili siku moja.

  2. The orphans have/had a cause of action against the lawyer. They should pursue it.

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Those are facts. Police walipata watu na bangi kwa nyumba ya Ali Punjani, hakuna mtu aliingia kwa shida. Polisi wametapa bangi mara mob Eastlands na vijana wako ndani saa ii, why? Because when there was fire at Faza island kibaki was the MC, Ali Punjani came in a white suit, contributed 1 million bob, hapo kicc. He is protected by the state. The state rid him of his opponents, akina Akasha.
Uhuru mwenyewe alidestroy simiti huko kwa Ocean, ndio case ikufe on technical grounds, eti hakuna evidence. But bonobo hazikuelewa, because everytime they can hoodwink you using political strategy.
When Joho took over the county government of Mombasa, drug and sugar barons equipped the county police, bought them new patrol cars, wakaingizwa kwa mfuko so cheaply.
What did Nelson Marwa earn by his fight against contraband goods huko kwa cfs’s? A transfer

Wacha nikuletee evidence

Ni sawa, we will vote for Ruto. Everyone else is bad apart from Ruto. Ghaseer!

Criminal Appeal 178 of 2014. Walikua wameshikwa ndio wakue extradited. Hawakuwa wameshikwa juu ya drugs. Io case ya extradition ndio Ombeta alikua anawatetea. Akasha hawajai shikwa kenya siku ata moja juu ya drugs, walikua protected. DPP (wa mombasa alikua Alexander Muteti) hajawahi prosecute wao juu ya drugs siku ata moja, office yake ilikua inawaprotect.

It’s always good when people being receipts aka thermal images.

If you want justice book a one way ticket to gondwanaland. hii ni kenya gathee

Kijana,umeongea kama watu kumi