Ezekiel Strikes Again ..

Hehehe … :smiley:


Hii mtu should take a chill pill

:D:D:D tickteta ya gava haifiki youtube

How the hell did that guy get that job?

Mutua huongea just to appear to be relevant

The guy has a point.What are we teaching the young ones? Remember that young fool who killed his entire family ‘inspired’ by some movie?

Mutua amalise hio ghaseer.

You can’t regulate information. It’s upto people to make decisions. Absolute censorship is dangerous at all. Believe me, that guy is only blaming books… he’s a killer; that simple

What exactly is he mad at? That they were interviewed ama juu walimangana?

I smoked weed back in highschool coz of listening to some reggae artists.It happens elder

In short, the simple technology that we loved is now beginning to control us by continuing to erode our culture. Youtube and other mainstream media contain a lot if not many bullshit content. Many people have drowned in these bullshit contents and soon you will hear more and more couples cheating us like these ijiots

If that was your reason then you are a fool

Weed is not bad

In Psychology class, we covered this under two theories advanced by Albert Bandura, The social learning theory (Bandura, 1977) and Bobo Doll study theory (Bandura, 1961). Human behaviour is shaped by what we observe, watch or read… basically we learn behaviour from the agents of socialization; family, peers, older guys, media etc. Children (humans) pay close attention to those they consider models and encode their behaviour then later they can immitate or copy the behaviour they have observed.
E.g Aggressive behaviour can be influenced by watching aggressive content and vice versa. Now this mixed with drug abuse and genetic exposure to psychopath behaviour; the result is obvious.

Mahn i hated common unit psychology classes. I only went through to ensure my attendance was on point. Worst thing is the professor was a feminist, lets say we had a rough time…

I had the same experience. Haikuwa class; it was more of social engineering a.k.a. brainwashing sessions

He has a point.

niko nyuma ya Mutua

Apparently hio ya jalas ni drama kama ya eric omondi. The two have been outed already, ni actors tu…

In short, nature and nurture or nature vs nurture. There’s way too many variables tho