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Alpha Male mwenyewe anasafisha mecho sawa sawa…

@Andrew Kibe @kukulana tuu

Ultimate talker

So that’s an alpha male…

If that’s an alpha male to you then clearly you don’t know what an alpha is or the characteristics of an alpha male

Kibe ni alpha male with beta tendencies. But Kamene is a fat, post wall, feminist divorcee. 3/10 for me.

Kamene ni over rated

Omega males wakowapi

ikikosa asali inasema ni chungu:D:D:D:D


alpha mail na kusafisha mecho in one sentence…nilidhani wanalalanga kwa nyumba madem wakibisha wawapee p***sy:D:D:D


Kitu safi. Conjuctiva imengara.

Hata shadow imekubali

If a person who doesn’t know the meaning of Alpha Male comes to this section of website he/she may think it means “a person who fucks as many women as possible and occasionally fucks them dry, and does not plan to marry.” I feel this meaning has lowered the status of alpha male. True alpha males never praise themselves on the platform of how many ladies they have fucked, as if that’s the only field they dominate.

It gives me more reason to believe that those using such terms more often are either hiding their inadequacies or ‘airing their frustrations’ (as M2random used awhile).

In 3 years Kamene Goro will be so fat and round no man will want to wife her